Saturday, April 25, 2009

Recursive subdivision

Each first time the function divides a rectangle/square in 1/3 and each second time in 2/3

One of the possibilities could be to either extract according to this diagram parts from a cube or add parts to a surface.

Alexander & Tudor

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  1. Hi T+A:
    I am writing some functions which could help you in your example. But there is still some confusion about it.

    By what i understood, you want the following:
    - start with a square
    - split it in two parts by the rule of 1/3-1/3
    - now you have 2 objects
    - split each one of them again
    - they work as single objects > no relation between the former whole

    What I feel is missing is the specification about how to divide the squares/rectangles in each iteration. When you say 1/3 and then 2/3 it is not enough. Maya won't know which direction to make the division. It need a pair of opposite lines/edges, and then a percentage within this lines/edges direction.

    My approach would be by using polygonals planes in the place of the squares/rectangles:
    1) create a 4-sided plane
    2) choose a pair of opposite edges
    3) define a percentage on each edge where you'll split it
    4) split the face
    5) separate the faces and get the names of the resulting polys
    6) run again with the new objects

    But you would still have a problem on step 2 (which pair of edges to choose?). This need a very strict and defined rule. Think about it and we can talk on Monday.