Saturday, April 25, 2009

Assignment 01A


  1. Hi Grisha,

    Your ideas seem interesting, but they come completely unexplained. I asked for one idea, where you should show the initial state, what is happening in each iterations, what is your rule, and how the final result is configured. You delivered 9 options, but in this case you favored quantity over quality!

    Please, pick one idea, and explore it in a more extensive way. Show how the process works. Keep in mind we are talking about recursion and interrelated iterations. We want to create example not only of nice images, but of complexly interrelated structural systems. Think of the example I gave: the Serpentine Pavilion works so beautifully because it is a complex pattern which is not random and where all the elements are interrelated.

  2. Another quick comment: you should also concentrate on pure 2-dimensional geometry. Any deformation in the initial geometry has to be part of the process. You should not start with a complex shape, as in some of your examples.