Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fibonacci number spiral

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  1. Hello Anastasia,

    The Fibonacci number is one classic example of recursive function. I'll give it as an example in the next class. It is nice that you incorporated it to your idea. Here some thoughts:

    - I understand the Fibonacci sequence defining the radii of your circles and the lengths of the lines in the spiral. What I don't understant is how do you draw the spiral (you have to think angles, starting point, strating direction,ending point).

    - I also do not understand the part where multiple spirals appear. What is the rule? what is happening? You have do define lots of new rules here. And never forget we are talking about recursive functions and inter-related iterations. Think structurally, how the whole thing will work as a system.

    - You can use any geometric shape in your spiral (as you did with a circle and a hexagon), as most of them can be seen as shapes inscribed in a circle. I'll give one function next class which makes this process a breeze.

    It seems a nice idea, but it is still very undefined and requires a lot more explanation. I might be all in your head, but you have to explain it better.