Sunday, April 26, 2009

assignment 01A

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  1. Hi M+A:

    Nice that you presented several ideas, but we need to concentrate only in one. Which one do you fnd more interesting? Here some comments about them:

    1-2) This is very simple, it is all about creating shapes inscribed in a circle with the number of sides increasing in a certain pace. It is still necessary to define ending conditions, as this could go forever, and in the end you'll end up with shapes which are very much circles, as when you have a lot of side you don't see the corners anymore. Maybe instead of always using the same circle to inscribe your shapes, you could vary this element as well (in size, position)? This would create more richness in the final result.

    3) What I think is missing here is a better relationship between the elements to hold everything together. And also, this is still a bit too simple.

    4-5) The rules here are not clear at all. What happens in each iteration? These are just final results!

    6) This is the most interesting system-wise. What I think is missing is a better definition of what the iterations would be and what would happen in each of the iterations. It seems you have a series of rules, and that you apply these rules to a grup of circles, but I still can see recursion working here.

    7) Again, I can't understand how a series of iterations of this very clear rule would generate the result you display under it. How is this rotation defined? and the scale, what are the rules which define it?

    Think about it and try to make it clear. Try to concentrate in only one variant, and maybe combine some of them to generate bigger complexity. Also, don't forget we are dealing with recursion right now, so it is important to be clear what are the rules and how the rules are applied in each iteration (and with which variation) to generate the final result.