Monday, April 20, 2009

Generative Scripting II - SS09

Today we start our Generative Scripting II course for the Summer Semester 09.

From the syllabus:

Starting with the premise that the student already has basic familiarity with scripting, this course will go one step further and look closely at the relationship of scripting and architecture.

As in the course Generative Scripting I, it will be divided in parts. In each part, we will start with the analysis of one contemporary existing building which experiments with geometric algorithms
to structure and organize its space. By studying, understanding and extracting the basic principles of these algorithms, we will develop our own variants.

Each group of two students will be required to deliver a small assignment by the end of
each part. The sum of these assignments will compose the final course grade.

The classes will take place every Monday 14:30, at the Marmorsaal in Building 01.

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