Sunday, April 26, 2009

Assignment 01

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  1. Hi Shi!

    Your idea is very interesting. But I think the rectangle you chose in oder to illustrate the idea does not favor it. As I understand, this principle would work with any rectangular shape, and with each shape you'd have a different relationship between parts and a different result. The problem with the shape you chose is in the face the the final result is very regular and do not show clearly the process applied to generate it. If you look at it at first, you tend to think that it is nothing else than a rectangle rotated around its central point.

    But the idea is nice, and you should maybe try it out with different rectangles and record the result. You could incorporate in your script the creation of the rectangle itself, so that you can generate new options on the fly.

    Basically you'll be dealing with a lot of Math here. For each iteration a very specific set of mathematical equations will have to be performed to define the new center and the new position of the new rectangle. It is not an easy job, but doable!