Sunday, July 5, 2009



  1. hehe indeed very nice! love the drawings.

    So, you were asking last class if what you should have is walls, instead of curves. Indeed, you need walls. But stop thinking 2D, think about your little person there as a 3D-modelled character. Just model it in 3D and give it the same you want. Than make it a passive rigid body and it will act as a wall to whatever active rigid bodies (bacteria!) which are inside of it. Also the brain area can be thought in the same manner.

    The sound part is somehow not possible in Maya, but can be done by Python, although a bit tricky. Maybe it is better not to worry about it right now.

    If you want to use your own shapes for the agents, instead of cubes or balls, create the shape manually and duplicate it everytime you want to make a new agent (duplicate command replacing the polyCube command, for example!)

    Check the script I posted on the blog to get some ideas for your system!