Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Assignment 03B - Final

As a continuation of the final assignment, you should now try to script your idea. Most of the ideas posted deal with collisions, and reactions according to those collisions. As this was not part of our original crowd system example given in class, here is an example script which deals with collision detection:

Here is also an example .mb file where the system above is already placed in the scene:


The rule which deals with the collision can be found in the hit function, right in the beginning of the script. this system not perfect, has tons of caveats, but you can get the idea.

In this script you can also see how to create an enclosure for your agents, something such as a box which contains the whole system inside, so that your agents are "trapped".

If you have too much difficulty, post your doubt on the blog. I'll check it daily to answer it!

The deadline for this assignment is this Sunday (12.07).

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  1. Hello daniel,

    Can you save the file in another format cause it s maya2009 and we don t have it, or at least i don t have it and i can t open it.

    Thanks in advance