Sunday, July 5, 2009

Assignment 03A Shi xinyu & Liu

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  1. One idea to make these "traps" and "positive energy" appear in random location would be to place all of them already in the beginning. You should define the amount of each of these forces that can be on screen at the same time, and create exactly this amount.

    Then you hide all of them and disconnect their fields from the agents. It is as if they weren't even there.

    Then in the expressions of the trap and the positive energy you have to define random moments in which they appear, and as soon as they appear, turn its field and connect to the agents to make it start working.

    This last part should be tricky, but if you use a python function in the expression, you should be able to accomplish that (check how the hit function in the script posted on the blog is used in the expression applied to each of the agents).