Monday, May 18, 2009

assignment 01b-1

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  1. Hi Shi!

    You should try to solve your equations and tranform them in equations which use the values x,y,z! That's the only what it will work. Right now, there is no value in Maya which will correspond to P0,or P2.... You have to find formulas which use x,y,z values... For example, the mid-point of a line can be represented by both:

    midPoint = (P1-P2)/2

    #and, as P1 = (xP1, yP1, zP1) and P2 = (xP2, yP2, zP2)
    #first you get x,y and z separately
    midPointX = (xP1 - xP2)/2
    midPointY = (yP1 - yP2)/2
    midPointZ = (zP1 - zP2)/2

    #and put them in a coordinate list!
    midPoint = [midPointX, midPointY, midPointZ]

    See? you just have to think in terms of cartesian coordinated and look at each axis (x,y,z) separately.