Monday, May 18, 2009

Alice_Assignment 01B

I started by writing a simple algorithm and tried to search for suitable commands in Maya to execute the task, according to my idea. But soon enough, I already feel like I don't know much commands -.-.....

Besides, to answer your comments for my last post, mathematically speaking, there should be only 1 possibility to draw 3 circles touching each of the others. Therefore, given any 3 points, there should be only 1 result. 

I haven't get to the point to solve how to avoid concentrations result of the circles after many iterations. However, if it doesn't make the script much more complicated, I would like to try out if the square(the boundary) is rotated/extended according to a certain rule each time after making 3 new points and in a way to create an intricate network.... : )  

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